Monday, March 16, 2009

More on the gunshow-- and a question

As I said in the earlier post, I went to the gun show this weekend. I went to take a friend, and to look for a few things myself.

I have been working on a retro AR project for a while. It started with a receiver, then a parts kit, and then moved on to replacing parts with old parts for 'the look' I wanted. It will end up as a clone/look-alike of an Air Force mix-master carbine ala the 649 or GAU-5A type:

I've been looking for quite a while for parts, specifically for an A1 pistol grip. In fact, that is/was the last piece I needed. Well, guess what I found at the show.

So, all the pieces being present, soon the rifle will be assembled. Keep watching here for photos.

And now, I have a question of my gunnie type readers. At the last 2 shows I've seen a **Finnish M27** (as tagged) rifle. Not sure if it is the same one or not at both shows. I seriously considered picking it up, but I wasn't sure if the price was good or not. I've been over to to look around and still haven't found a good answer.

Any collectors want to share what to look for, or more importantly what to watch out for in such a rifle? And any idea on value? I would say that its condition was just slightly less than excellent. I would rate it VG, although I didn't look at the bore.

Mr Fixit

**UPDATE: after more searching, what I saw at the show was not a M27, despite how it was labeled. It was either a M24 or M91, not a later model. It did have the SA in a box stamp on the barrel, although I am not sure of other markings.

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Ambulance Driver said...

From what Tamara tells me, Finnish Mosin 91/30s fetch a premium price over comparable Russian marked pieces.