Monday, March 2, 2009

Gun "buy back" after action report - update

I cant find the original post, so this is a do-over.

I arrived Saturday morning at about 8:45. The area for the stunt was the entrance to Reunion itself. They were parking in a small lot right by the door. Talk a bout a police presence! The big motor home type command post was there, at least half a dozen squad cars and I would guess at least 15 uniformed officers.

I was stopped at the entrance to the lot, and asked by a officer if I was there to trade in a gun. When I told him no, he asked if I was there to volunteer. When I told him no again he asked why I was there then. I told him that I had heard about it, and wanted to watch. I also said that if any collectible guns came in I wanted to try to buy them instead of seeing them destroyed. He told me he didn't think I could do that. He told me I would have to talk to his Sgt., or Lt. in the command post. I said "OK".

I parked in the lot. I looked to my left and saw a guy standing next to his truck. Nicely dressed, with a "tactical" pocket folder knife showing in his front pocket. I motioned him over and asked if he was their to buy guns. He was cautious, but after I told him that's what I was there for, we talked. About a minute after I parked, a female Sgt. came walking over to us. She said that we could not buy guns in the parking lot. We asked why not, since it was public property. She told us that there was a city ordinance, and they would ticket the seller. The gentleman next to me asked about talking to people as they got there, then traveling around the corner to do a transaction. She shrugged and said that would be OK.

The way it was to work was that folks told them as they pulled in if they had a gun to sell. If so, a volunteer worker (not cops) would follow the car to the parking space and stand there waving their arms frantically until a cop walked up. The officer would then take control of the weapon and escort the seller inside.

Just a minute or so after the Sgt. left us, a van pulled in with a volunteer waving his arms. The gentleman beside me walked toward the van and "called out" to the driver "Do you want to sell that.." and was cut off by the officer standing there to take the weapon. She turned around and yelled at him "BACK OFF! BACK OFF! BACK OFF! We aint doin' that here!" He said "but the Sgt said" and was again cut off. "We aint doin' that I said!"

We looked at each other and watched them walk in. The officers in the parking lot didn't want us to offer to buy the weapons. They hurried folks in, and told us to leave them alone.

As an update, there was another blogger from Dallas there. He videoed some of the stuff going on. In his video, the officer in charge admits that there is no ordinance about buying guns in the parking lot.

So, the police lied to get their way.

You know, I went for a couple of reasons. For one, I wanted to see what was going on. For another, I had hoped to find a deal on some hunting guns for my sons. Maybe a couple of shotguns, or .22's. I did see an Ithaca pump shotgun go in, and either a S&W or Remington auto shotgun go in. I would have bought both of those for more than $50. If I had, my sons would have gotten a 'new' shotgun. I also saw at least one .22 auto rifle go in, but I'm not sure what condition it was in. From what I saw, I would have bought it too.

So I'm a little disappointed in the loss. I'm even more disappointed to have been lied to by police officers who should be the ones you can count on.

I left by 9:45 because I was afraid I would see a valuable gun, like grandpa's old WW1 bring back, being taken in to be destroyed.

Here I am, an honorable upstanding citizen. All I want is to be able to share with my children the things I love, and teach them valuable skills as well as gun safety. And people in charge won't let me. They won't let me make a better offer to people who may need it.

And they are willing to lie, and use the power of the police to force their will on me.

It was a sad day.

Mr Fixit


Vote For David said...

1) If you caught a policeman telling tall tales, that's a matter to take up with their chain of command (they are sure to deny it but it wouldn't hurt)

2) Next time, hang out just outside the confiscation zone with a BIG SIGN on your car or person, offering >$50 or whatever the bounty is, for guns people are willing to sell.

Phelps said...

The police are not your friend. It's been a long time since they were.

JHardin said...

Any time you know you're going to interact with the police, bring a tape or video recorder, and use it.

Anonymous said...

Many government employees and police officers are liars.

The few honest ones among them need to speak up when the liars open their mouths.

Otherwise, people are apt to think every single government employee and police officer is a liar.

Anonymous said...

You gave it your best shot. Thanks for the update.