Monday, March 16, 2009

Going to the State Capital

Tuesday morning, as soon as I get off duty, I'm driving south the  Austin Texas to speak to the Texas State Senate Committee on Criminal Justice.

There is a bill in the Senate which would make it illegal for an employer to fire an employee for keeping a weapon in a locked car while at work.  I am speaking in favor of passage.  As it is now in Texas, your employer can write into the employee handbook that it is against company policy to allow weapons on the premises.  If you are caught with one in your car, they can fire you.  It doesn't matter that the gun is legal.  It doesn't even matter that it was locked up.  In fact, even if you have a Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) you can be fired for having your weapon in your own car.

The result is that if you follow your employers wishes, you may be forced to leave your handgun (the one that you have been licensed to carry concealed) at home when you go to work.  Your employer can force you to be defenseless on your way to and from work.  If you plan on going dove hunting on the opening day after work, you may not be allowed to keep your beautiful over and under shotgun in your vehicle while at work, and be forced to make a trip home before going hunting.

If they can keep one legal product they don't like from being carried in your car, why wouldn't they stop you from keeping other legal products in your car?  Maybe next they will keep you from having cigarettes in your car.  Or CD's for the heavy metal band you like?  Maybe even a copy of the Constitution?

The Texas State Rifle Association finds this unacceptable.  So do I.

So, Tuesday I will speak to the Senators on the committee, as a free man, a citizen, and tell them what this citizen thinks.

Mr Fixit


Anonymous said...

My work is one of those places. I hope this law passes. Thank you for taking time out of your day to represent me and others like you and I at our state capitol.

Randy said...
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Randy said...

first let me quantify this by telling you that I am a gun owner. I own AK's AR15 have a CHL and carry at least one pistol on my person every day most times two. I enjoy having these personal freedoms and that is why I CANNOT support this bill. Business's are owned by people the same as your house is owned by you and this bill is tantamount to saying because I choose to be a guest in your house you have to let me keep a gun on your property. This bill is a gross violation of private property rights. I believe in freedom not just for me but for everybody. Im sure some of you will spout off that its "NOT the same, that you NEED your job" well your NEED does not give you the right to stomp on somebody's rights. you CHOOSE to work there.

Mr. Fixit said...

Randy, I hope you come back and visit, and comment on my post concerning this.

Mr Fixit

Randy said...

I would be delighted to My Fixit