Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Working hard or hardly working?

Bathroom update:

Sheetrock repaired. Textured, and painted walls. Tile 80% finished, with the area in the closets to go yet. I'll be doing that today. Then we'll bring in the new cabinets/sink and of course the all important toilet.

On that note I just want to ask; Has anyone gone shopping for a new toilet lately? Did you know that the nanny state makes it illegal to sell toilets that use more than a specified amount of water? That's right, the gubbmint has so much knowledge that they specify how much water you can use per flush.

Now, this leads to some toilets who don't function as well as they should. It also leads to advertising how well a toilet does it's job as a main point of interest as you walk down that isle in your local home improvement store.

The wife and I haven't finalized which exact toilet we will be getting. However, I'm leaning heavily toward the one that advertised in giant block letters "Can flush a bucket of golf balls!"

Oh, yeah! that's the one I want.

Mr Fixit


Bob said...

For a while there people were going to Canada and buying toilets there, as the Canadians hadn't bent over (so to speak) to the environmentalists the way the US Congress did. Unless the Canadian goverment has since passed a similar law, if you live close to our northern neighbor you might bear it in mind.

Mr. Fixit said...

Oh, Bob. While I am in the North, it is North Texas.
I could be farther away, but it wouldn't make enough difference to measure it.

I would have thought those Canadians would have the same environmental rules or similar.