Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Work in progress

I haven't forgotten about this place, just don't have lots of time right now.

I'm taking a class this semester, and my my wife and I have decided to remodel the master bathroom. ANd when I say 'we have decided to' what I mean is she wants, I work. You may remember I've already replaced the shower with a custom tile job I put in. Well, now it's time to finish the rest of it. Right now it's down to bare walls, having ripped the cabinets and sink out.
I've done a bit of Sheetrock replacement, and texture is drying as I type. Next is the new tile floor, my knees already hurt thinking about it. Then new toilet, cabinets, counter top and sink.

And I've also got a couple of gun projects to work on. Both of them I think are cool as heck!

The first is a Yugoslavian M64 (AK-47) under folder on a milled receiver. The original receiver has been cut apart, but the lightning cut is intact, and the rear with the folder is all there. I will be getting some 4130 steel plates to replace the cut out sections and welding them back in.

Second, I have a wild idea about a Galil clone. I will be taking a laser cut receiver flat for an AK-47, and welding it together in such a way as to mimic the outline of a Galil/Valmet receiver. Then attaching that to a Romanian AK-47 kit. On top I plan on replacing the AK gas tube and rear sight block with a solid tube like the Galil/Valmet. Then a folding Galil style stock with a real Galil fore arm. So I should end up with a rifle that looks like a Galil, in 7.62 like a Valmet, made from a Romanian parts kit. Sort of a Romalilmet.

And last but not least is the standard AK-47 build on a laser cut flat.

And if you are a gunnie, you might have noticed that all of those projects involve building scary rifles that are home made. That alone makes them cool, but cooler than that is the PSH it's sure to cause in some circles.

I'll try to put up a post every 2-3 days, or at least once a week. I guess the four of you that check here every day would expect that.

Mr Fixit

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Gerald said...

Being ex Air Force, I keep checking to see the status of your son. I hope everything works out for him.