Friday, January 9, 2009


Talked to son-the-older on the phone just a bit ago. Sunday night he's off with the recruiter to a hotel. Early the next day he goes to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing) and will spend the day being tested, getting a physical, and finding out what job he gets.

He's asking for firefighter first, and Air Force Security (police) second. Recruiter said if he asked for those 2, don't bother asking for anything else, he'll get one or the other. Son is good to go with that.

And I hope it is just like Tam said.

Didn't know I'd feel this way about it.

Mr Fixit


Walrilla said...

My step-son ships out Feb 4th for Army Basic. He has applied for Airborne Ranger Medic. I hope he gets it. Good luck to your son, and we're proud, and thankful for his service to our country.

DW said...

Tell him to stay away from FO or Pararescue, unless he likes dodging bullets.