Thursday, January 8, 2009

Switching gears- The oldest son

My oldest son is seriously considering joining the Air Force. When I say seriously, what I mean is he's already talked to the recruiter, and is making an appointment to talk to him again and sign up.

He wants to be a fireman in the Air Force, but according to the recruiter it's tough to get that job. He's also considering being a policeman in the AF. The recruiter said that if he lists the firefighter as choice one, and policeman as choice two, he would definitely get one or the other. Most likely policeman. Son says he's happy with that.

So, I think in a few days he will be calling to tell me he has signed up.

I feel all sorts of emotions over that.

Mr Fixit


SpeakerTweaker said...

I can imagine...

But I'd like to think I'd start with pride. Good on the boy.


DW said...

I went through the Air Force Crash Rescue School at Rantoule Ill , Great school, hope he gets it.

Anonymous said...

I'd point him in any direction in the Air Force other then SF ("Police") most of the work they do is more along the lines of Security.

SF get treated like garbage, most abused and wretched airmen I've ever seen. Their AFSC is the unofficial stupid-hole of the USAF. There are a lot of good SF troops, but its the chains' favorite place to stash washouts from other career fields along with various other undesirables.
"Can't fix stuff, can't act right, can maintain discipline? Hold this gun, stand right here, and think about how stupid you are." Smart cops have to put up with a lot of dumb cops.

The old joke goes "When you screw up, your commander will ask you one question.'Cop or cook?' If you are smart, you'll say cook."

If a SF troop is lucky, he might eventually get to be an AFOSI agent, dog handler, or LE troop. But there's a ton of boring stupid stuff to wade through first. Its like being army infantry, except army infantry get more respect and better equipment.

There are tons of good jobs in the AF, I'm an electronics maintainer for smart weapons. SF is not a good AFSC to be in.

I've been in 5 years, Cop is not as sexy as the recruiter makes it sound. The army treats thier MPs better then AF treats its SFs.

Anonymous said...

Same poster as above,

For some quick reference and advice, I'd point him out to the forums at

Ask around, and you'll hear it from the cops themselves. SF is not a good place to be.