Thursday, January 22, 2009

Small updates

Blogging has been light of late, sorry. Things are really busy around here right now. Just thought I'd let everyone know how it's gong.

Older Son went to MEPS to join the Air Force. While there, the Doctors found an 'abnormality'. Don't worry, nothing we didn't know about. But, it is a disqualifier for service unless he has medical records from when it happened showing what it was. That was over 16 years ago. All of the Doctors involved at that time have retired. So, we've gone back to Children's Medical Center in Dallas to get records through them. We are just waiting on those to be found in the archives, copied, and sent to the recruiter. May be anywhere from a week to a month. Then, he can join and may be anywhere from a week to 4 months until he ships out for basic.

My Department, heck my entire City is looking at trouble. There is talk of lay offs in all departments. Not real serious talks in the Fire Department, but it is being discussed. What really is of import to me is that there is a plan to absorb some 'extra' officers. What that means for me is two things; One, I may have to go to city hall and work 8 hour days. and two, I won't have a chance to promote to Captain for several years, if ever depending on what plan they decide on.

But enough crying in my beer. I'm working on what to me is a really cool gun project. I'll let you know about it soon.

Mr Fixit

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