Saturday, December 20, 2008

What is your "dream"? An interlude

I am working on spicing up (with pics and such) another couple of posts about the rife I am building. But after thinking about my last post, I got the wondering.......

What do you think of when you imagine a custom rifle? What does that mean to you, my readers who are also gunnies?

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts. Where does "Custom" begin, and "Bubba" end?

And what would you like, if offered a custom rifle (either a hunting gun or a dream rifle, or both) what details would you want? (barrel length, finish, stock, caliber, action?)

Please, do tell.

Mr Fixit


Rabbit said...

The only 'modified' rifle I own is the M94 Swede; the short story is that it came to me mostly in pieces with a Bubba'ed stock that looked more like a pallet skid than a decent piece of wood (bummer. Stocks for them are rare). I put in a Timney trigger which converted it to cock on opening, and it wears a synthetic stock now, although I refinished the pallet skid into a thing of relative beauty. One of these days I'll get an XS Scout mount on the thing and set it up for a 2-7x Burris scout scope. Weight is about 5 pounds and the barrel length is just at 17 inches. It's perfect for carrying for days and the 6.5x55 round digs a deep, authoritative hole.

Offer still stands if you'd like to shoot it.


Anonymous said...

Probably a .35 Whelen, built on a left-handed Mauser 98 action (if such exists). Drop it in a nicely figured walnut stock, with that dropped European comb (don't remember what the name of it is), and a fine schnabel fore-end, with hand-cut checkering on wrist and forearm. Must be blued, and deeply so.

Any engraving must be tasteful and minimal.

Absolutely no gold or "jewelling" anywhere on the gun; such things only look tacky in my opinion, and they wear faster and in a less dignified fashion than the rest of the firearm.

Sights should be open. If I need a scope, I'll grab a different rifle.

An alternate "dream rifle" isn't really custom, though. But that would be a Savage 99 in .358 Winchester.

Anonymous said...

A custom rifle to me is utilitarian /plain in appearance, but has been bedded, the action trued, a good trigger installed. I prefer full length bedding on my rifles. The barrel will be no more than 22" long. It will have good adjustable iron sights on it. Both front and rear sights will adjust for elevation. It will be in a caliber heavy enough to stop any critter in N. America. But the ammunition should be available on the shelf at a Mom and Pop store in Small Town USA. The wood doesn't have to be fancy grade, just good clean lines. The rifle must be able to hold 1.5 MOA of accuracy with most commercial loads available for it. Weight should be under 8 lbs. A good set of sling swivels, not quick detach type and a good miltary sling would be mandatory. The rifle would be a bolt action for ease of repair. Hmmmmm, sounds kinda like a Scout rifle don't it???? :)