Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Going Geek for a second...

OK, my official opinion is that
Radio Shack = Fail!
Can anybody else remember when Radio Shack was like THE electronics parts store? Remember how you could walk in, and the guy there would help you find the right IC, banana clips and pots to do whatever it was you were doing?

Well, today if you are not looking for a cell phone or GPS device for your car you are out of luck. Just imagine if you will the look of utter incomprehension on the acned face of the clerk when I asked for a photo resist etching kit for circuit boards.

Uh, I don't think we have that. What is that?

Cheese Louise!!
When I (tried to) explain that I was trying to make a stencil for electrical etching he had that deer in the headlight look.

I weep for our future.

Mr Fixit


Ultimate Ordnance said...

Radio Shack hasn't had a clue in at least ten years. It used to be that they knew nothing about what was in the store. After a while, they didn't even have anything in the store worth going in there for. When their advertisements would say "You've got questions - we've got answers". I used to say "Yeah, but all the answers are wrong!"

Starik Igolkin said...

Last time I needed a potentiometer ... what a fun experience. First I had to find it myself, because they had no clue what it was, and whether they actually had one (they did), then explain to them what this thing does, watching the priceless expression of childlike curiosity at someone, who unlike them actually knows what they are selling.
The only sane way I found to deal with them is to treat that store as extention of my garage parts shelves - come in, take what I need without useless help, and leave. Ignore the drones until ready to pay.

Gerald said...

I'm sorry to hear this as RS used to supply me with endless hours of fun. We're talking about more than 40 years ago though.

Sevesteen said...

Like many businesses in a changing market, Radio Shack lost track of their mission--Selling tech stuff you couldn't get somewhere else in the mall. When I was a teen, they were the only choice in my town for half-decent stereos, computers and electronics components.

When computers went mainstream, Radio Shack went the wrong direction, and tried to compete in the already-crowded general consumer electronics market.

Charliee said...

Just yesterday I went in one for a phone plug. The clerk had no idea what I was talking about.

DW said...

sorry guys, its not so much the help as it is the clientel. There are few who want anything other than Mcelectronics.

Anonymous said...

I second your statement. I wanted a
right-angle 2.5 mm plug, to be
soldered onto a phone cable. The
manager insisted that what I wanted
was an adapter, and that "No one uses
plugs that have to be soldered
Anon, Don

10% said...

A bit late to the game, but the RS motto should be changed to "You have questions? We have blank stares."