Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Gun question; 6.5X55mm

Gunnies, please tell me everything you know about the 6.5X55mm as a hunting round.

Comparisons to say a 7X57mm, .243, and .308 are what I'm looking at.

Good for whitetail, hogs, and ?????

Discuss please in comments.

Mr Fixit


Tam said...

Very similar in application to 7x57. Pretty much any North American big game that isn't a grizzly or moose (although Swedes and Norwegians kill the heck out of moose with the round, too.)

DW said...

Love mine, I have killed deer with it. Knocked a chunk of lung completely out of a whitetail. 140 gr bullet, aprox 2700fps, I like Winchester soft points. I would buy a Krag Jorgenson or two more if I could get them in the same condition as my last and for a good price. I don't think todays prices are very good. I can shoot it all day and not collect bruises.
Surplus ammo is still available, as well as commercial loadings. Mine was in like new condition.
Got it dressed with a synthetic stock and a 3x9x40 Simmons.

guy said...

Love mine. Built one on a turk mauser. 140's good on Whitetail and anything smaller. I bet 140-160's would be great on hogs and larger. Like tam said, it's the favorite elg(moose) rifle in the north of Europe. Never shot one. Probably need a one in 8 or 9 twist to stabilize the 160 grain. Only shot 160 grn bullets out of a swede with fast twist barrels. Hell on coyotes. The cartridge is a good choice. Favorably compares to 7x57 (better ballistics), heavier than a .243 (I like that), and doesn't recoil as much as a 308. I love em.


Mikael said...

Re: Tam/guy
Actually, we hunt älg(moose, slightly smaller than the north american one), mostly with 30-06 and other larger calibers(like 8x57).

The 6.5x55 is a favorite for hunting Red Deer,

Quite a large deer. Something like your elk(wapiti), so should be good for that.

Mikael said...

PS: I am from sweden. The round is also known as the 6.5 Swede I believe. ;)

PA State Cop said...

I've got four. A Lungman AG42, 94/14 Carbine, 96 Oberndorf, and a 38 Carl G with a turned down bolt. About 1600 rounds of Surplus Swede and 400 rounds of PMC and Federal Match. Did I tell you I like this cartridge? ;)

Rabbit said...

Dang...sorry to be so late in commenting.

I've got 3 6.5x55's. Great penetration, just about the best BC of anything ever made. About 12% more case capacity than a .308Win, but not quite as efficient due to the piston diameter of the round as compared to the .308 dia. rounds.

Good selections available in bullet weights; 139/140 grain is really all you need for anything in the lower 48, and Tam is right; Scandinavian moose are not difficult with the Swede. About half of all those taken every year fall to it. Now, granted, they're not as large as North American moose, but it's still a frickin' moose!

The exterior ballistics are almost identical to a .270 Winchester, which is to say they're excellent and flat-shooting. I've got a huge pine tree out by my old range at the farm that is around 5 feet in circumference and I drive 6.5's all the way through it on a frequent basis.

It's easy on the shoulder, even in light rifles. Easy to reload, although I'm not set up to do that at this time. Muzzle blast and noise isn't too bad, either. My primary 6.5 is a Mauser 94 Swede carbine built in 1916 (originally) with a 17 inch barrel. I have a friend who is so nuts about 6.5 he's built 6.5-'06'es and did a wildcat 6.5-.308 several years ago before .260 Remington came about.
Ackley's 6.5 Swede Improved isn't bad, either.

Holler if you'd like to shoot one.