Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shopping time

I stated to do this last year. And I hesitate to do it this year for the same reason, namely that I can't figure out why anybody would take my advice without knowing me. On the other hand, if it helps just one guy out there it's worth it.

This post is mainly for the ladies out there. Wives, girlfriends, friends, internet pals, stalkers, whatever. If by chance you ladies are gunnies (gunnets?) this is not so helpful. If however you are like my wife and tolerate guns, and don't hunt or fish with your hubby, this will be more useful.

What do you get a guy for Christmas?

If there is a question of what would he like, or what would be a good gift, let me offer a few suggestions:

Guns, knives, flashlights. That pretty much sums it up, but let me elaborate a bit. Guns are on the expensive side of gifts, so I doubt many of them will be your first choice. Lets talk about the other 2.

Quality really means a lot here. You don't have to go and spend $300 dollars on a good hunting/skinning knife. But don't skimp and buy one of these either. But there are lots of good quality modestly priced knives out there. Looking for a hunting skinning knife? How about this? Or this? Or even this?

Maybe he wants a "tactical" knife. Or just a good folding lock back. For example this, this, or this.

Or just a good pocket knife makes a good gift. The point I'm trying to make is quaility counts. Stick with reputable manufactures like Kershaw, Gerber, SOG, Spiderco, Buck, Case, Camillus. There are many others.

As for flashlights, again quality means a lot. The newest thing in lights (that I know of) is LED lights. Some of them are bright as spot lights, most last forever. Surefire, Stream light, Maglite, and Pelican are b rands that come to mind. I have seen Surefire lights that use AA batteries as low as $30. Should have bought it too.

My advise is when in doubt, a good knife or light is always a good choice.

Hope this helps somebody.

Mr Fixit


Anonymous said...

A "top grain" leather sheath for that $6.75 "boot" knife? Hell, I have old skivvies thicker than those things.


Anonymous said...

As the aunt of a friend once observed after watching the menfolk open their Christmas presents: "If it doesn't cut, shoot, poke holes or explode, the men just aren't very intrested in it."