Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bitter and Clingy

Seems it's been a while since I've been doing regular blog posts. Part of that is I have been in school. I am now (so they tell me) trained to Officer 1 level. OK, good. Part of that training was to take care of your guys*. To that end I have been mildly successful lately.

I have taken point on getting my guys into evil black rifles, or EBRs. There was a group buy on AR-15 receivers going on over at the 1919a4 forums. The price was great, especially considering the panic buying going on. So, I wanted in and I offered to handle a "mini-group buy" for my guys*. Everyone at my station decided to get a receiver for a later build. I even had a couple of guys from other stations call up and want in. All were welcome. As far as I know, none of the guys (other than me) own an AR, or even any type of EBR.

I feel like I'm doing my part as a member of the Triangle of Death.

Really I do.

The good thing is that more folks are getting introduced to EBRs in general, and ARs specifically. So when they get ready to ban or limit them, we have more folks who know they're not the monster the media and the left portray.

The other good thing is that my guys* are excited like kids before Christmas, looking at photos and trying to decide what configuration they want to build. I've already offered to build the weapons after they get the kits or parts as the case may be.

In truth, I'm trying to decide which configuration to build as well. I have 3 receivers coming. I already have a standard 20"A2 version, and a 16" that I am building with a slick slide upper and CAR type flash hider. Kind of an old school KISS Carbine.
So for the other 3, I'm thinking some type of scoped bull barreled varmint gun for one. The other 2?

Please send suggestions.

Mr Fixit

*Guys- I use that as a generic term for everybody that works with me. It includes women, no insult is intended.

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