Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Almost here!

It's almost Fall in my area. I guess technically, it already is fall, but I mean deep fall. Cold clear nights, cool days. I can almost taste it.

I remember Fall as my favorite season. For one thing it is deer season. Since about 12 I have enjoyed hunting with my Dad. The cool days, a warm campfire, sitting up around the fire at night telling stories about past hunts with friends. Cold mornings with frost, walking out the the deer stand in the dark, my breath trailing away like smoke. Hearing the day come alive with song birds, and even sometimes deer.

For another thing, Fall was the time for Thanksgiving. Honestly, until I was in my late teens, I never celebrated Thanksgiving at home. We always went camping. Both sets of grandparents had RV's, as well as mom and dad. We would usually go to Tyler State Park. My grandparents had a group of friends that would all meet there for Thanksgiving. Sometimes there would be 50 people in our group. My Grandfather would build a big fire in a pit in the ground, and then dig the coals out and bury a turkey. Thanksgiving turkey was always cooked in the ground when I was growing up. We camped and had fun outside. We sat around the fire, and I would listen to the "old folks" talk. I even started to drink coffee with them around the fire when I was still in single digits (although mine had about as much milk and sugar as coffee).

What is fall to me?

The smell of a wood fire. Over sized thick shirts to stay warm. Leaves on the ground that rustle when I walk. Friends I haven't seen in months. Warming by a fire. Hunting. Peace and happiness.

And it's almost here again!

Mr Fixit


FrankC said...

Sounds like a fine childhood.

Brigid said...

I wish the month of October would last all year, but then I'd not appreciate it as deeply.

Well said.