Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a weekend

busy busy!

The weekend started off on Thursday with me heading to Dallas for a school convention. Classes, and exhibits kept me busy for a couple days. I did see one of my friends, a fellow fireman who was also at the convention. Friday, we decided to walk from the Convention Center to McDonald's in downtown Dallas. We got turned around a couple of times and had to ask directions from the DPD officers watching the State Fair Parade route. Both times I blamed my friend, and told the cops "He's a fireman, and you know how they are!" And both times the cops laughed and said that yes they did know how firemen were, and were sorry for me.


Saturday I went to EMStock. I didn't get there until lunch time, and missed the morning classes. Another fireman friend of mine was there for the Barbecue contest. I was privileged to meet both AD, and TOTWTYTR, and hope to get together with them both again.

We visited, told stories, laughed, ate BBQ and enjoyed some cool adult beverages. It was an excellent way to spend an afternoon! AD told me that Lawdog and Phlegmfatale, and possibly others were coming that afternoon or night to visit. I am very disappointed that I missed them, but I had a previous commitment with family and church to attend the last night of the Mesquite Rodeo. Both AD and TOTWTYTR were a pleasure to meet, and I wish I had more time to spend visiting with them.

I didn't attend any CE Classes, but I did learn a few things at EMStock;

Both AD and I really enjoy OP* beer.
Any story that starts with "We made a run on this transsexual...." will be a good story!
I learned what "Cinderella Fat" is.

Folks, if you missed EMStock this year, you need to plan to attend next year. Lots of good folks, good eats and good stories.

Thanks to Dr. Bledsoe and his family for the hospitality and hosting the event.

Mr Fixit

*OP= other peoples


EE said...

Sorry I missed it...

now what exactly is Cinderella fat?

Ambulance Driver said...

It all turns to d*ck at midnight, EE.

Mr. Fixit said...

Thanks AD, I wasn't sure if I could divulge the secret.