Monday, September 22, 2008

Ventilation 101

There was a bad guy. I'm not sure what he did exactly, but our cops wanted him. It started as a traffic chase, and ended up with him barricaded in his house.

The Tactical Team was called, formed, and positioned.

The incident commander had called dispatch and asked for a fire department presence for EMS needs. An ambulance and engine were sent.

After a while, and when no contacts had been made with the suspect for a while, the cops shot tear gas through the windows. Apparently anything that needs to be shot with tear gas canisters needs to be shot five or six times, and the house was quickly filled with gas.

But nobody came out.

The team went in and found that the suspect had turned himself into "the deceased" rather than be arrested.

So now they have a house filled with tear gas which they need to clear out so they can do that CSI crime scene thing.

The engine crew set up our positive pressure fan in front of the front door. The key to good ventilation is to have a good fan set (done) and have only one opening for the smoke/gas to escape. In this case they opened a bathroom window, from the outside I might add having never disturbed the crime scene.

As the firefighter is walking back from the window, and as the second fireman in front cranks the fan, a patrol officer stopped the first fireman and asked him if he could see anything inside from the window. The fireman looks back at the window and sees a cloud of tear gas pouring out of it and tells the patrol man "Yeah, if you look in that window you can see the guy."

The cop walks over sticks his head in the window (and cloud of tear gas) and nearly falls over coughing and crying. The fireman all laugh, and of course the cop is mad. But then a second cop asked the first "did you see anything?" And the cop replied "Yeah, if you look in that window you can see the guy." And so the second cop walks over and sticks his head in the window....

Folks, I swear this happened to three cops.

Mr Fixit


TOTWTYTR said...

Of course it won't seem so funny when those guys are driving home from their shifts and a cruiser pulls up behind them! Not that the cops would do anything like that. :)

Detail Medic said...

You make me laugh...

Billy Sparks said...

There is a reason in HazMat class PD is referred to as the blue canarys.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I'd be willing to part with a significant portion of my income to have a video of that.

That is funny!