Sunday, September 28, 2008

Results are in

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts for my son. He traveled to Wichita Falls, Friday, went to bed early, and Saturday took both the written and physical test for the fire department.

Sadly, he went overtime on the physical agility by 2 seconds.

He called me while I was at EMS Stock with AD and TOTWTYTR and told me the news. He said he was sick. Not physically ill in the medical sense, but just sick with disappointment. I understand, I've been there. Exactly there as a matter of fact.

Early on in this blog thing, I posted about him following me in what I had done. And now I can say that I also failed a physical agility test by 2 seconds when trying to start my career. Duncanville Fire Department was where I did it, oh about 15-20 years ago. Passed the written, and then just missed the time on the physical.

Perhaps he will do as I did; work out more so he can pass the test the next time, and then do well on a test for a city that he will be happy at.

Thanks again for the thoughts.

Soon, I'll be back and tell you about my EMS Stock experience.

Mr Fixit

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