Thursday, September 25, 2008

Asking for happy thoughts

My oldest son will be traveling to Wichita Falls Texas Friday night, in order to take the cities fire department entrance exam. I honestly don't know much about the city, except that it always seems to get snow when we in the DFW area and east don't. That and we always seem to stop there for breakfast on our way to Colorado.

He's excited, and hopeful. Maybe you folks could say a little prayer to whomever you pray to, or just send a little happy thought that way.

I'd appreciate it.

Mr Fixit


JohnHenryDavis said...

Lived there from 7-12 yrs old. Was a lot smaller then. Nice town. Now live n Colorado. Hmmm. He's in our thought.

Brigid said...

It's a nice little town. I hope he has a wonderful time.

Kate said...

I wish the best for him. Let us know when you have word, okay?