Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My thoughts on Harrold

I've been thinking about Harrold Texas ISD for several days now. Of course you know by now that the school district has approved the policy of allowing teachers to carry handguns at school. I won't go into the story itself, like many, I will point to Lawdog for a good read of the story.

What I wanted to talk about are schools in general, and public schools in Texas in particular. Those not from Texas, and or those not keeping up with Texas public school news might find some of this interesting. The Texas Legislature controls schools. They make laws and or administrative rules over everything from the food served in schools, the curriculum, and Teacher qualifications, to testing, and graduation requirements. About the only things the local school boards are deciding is how to pay for programs that are mandated by the state.

A couple of the things that are mandated are "safe" schools, and "certified" teachers.

One of the new requirements for teachers and schools is that every professional (defined as teachers, nurses, and librarians) must submit to and pass a criminal history check to include a background check and fingerprint submission. If I remember correctly, this will have to be done every year, or every few years to maintain their teaching certifications.

So lets see; You have a teacher for your children that you trust them to everyday. That teacher by law has to have passed (or will have to soon as the law is implemented) a background check. On top of that, if they have a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) they have had to pass another background check, FBI fingerprint check, demonstrate basic firearms skill, pass a test on conflict resolution and state law pertaining to handguns.

We know, and data proves that CHL holders are among the top 1% of law abiders in the state.

How then can anyone consider it a problem to arm a teacher in school?

This should darn well start a firestorm across the state of schools allowing CHL's to carry on campus.

Mr Fixit

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