Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's a big one

I placed an order with Brownells yesterday. A big order. Major project type big order. It's for my son. I plan on doing it a bit differently. This time, I'm actually going to finish the project before I start blogging about it.

I'm looking forward to that. In other news;

I got a letter from my Muse, it reads in part:

Bud, sorry to have been gone so long! It seems this resort is "The Place" for all of the tired Muses to take a vacation. Why, they have a swim up bar and a full service spa. Buddy, when I say full service I mean it! Man, are these lady muses hot! The other night was game night and the girls....

Yeah, it sounds like a regular "adults only" resort. And he sounds like a teenager that finally got in to one.

...tan lines anywhere! Oh, remember me telling you about that cat blogger's muse I met a while back? She's here! We met for dinner the other night.......

Well, he goes into details. Little punk!

....breakfast, and told her I'd see her at the beach. Anyway, sorry to be gone so long. Just write about guns or the weather or something 'till I get back.

I really hope he's back soon.

Mr Fixit

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