Thursday, July 3, 2008

You're a what?

The church my family attends is growing. More and more folks are there on Sunday mornings. We have been looking for an Assistant Pastor for a while. When the search committee found a likely candidate I was asked to meet him, along with several elders and other members.

Let me just point out that my wife and I were invited because we are the oldest (relatively) members in the "Young Marrieds" class on Sunday morning.

There we are in the resturaunt, at a long table, with our 'candidate' and his wife in the middle. Scattered around were folks that were all older than me. If not for our 'candidate' and his wife, my wife and I were the youngest there.

He told us about his family, where he had grown up, why he had gone to Bible College and the like. He chatted about things he liked to do, hunting and fishing were big loves. The older men were asking all sorts of questions, where do you see yourself, what are your goals, and so on.

Then he was telling us about being in the army. He had served in Iraq, and had seen combat. One of the older men asked what he had done. As he began to describe, in very dry terms, about being a machine gunner on convoy duty, I piped up "You were a Trunk Monkey?"

Conversation stopped, and everybody looked at me like I was crazy, or making a bad joke. They thought I had insulted him. Everyone but him. He smiled and laughed and said "Yes! Absolutely!" Nobody else understood.

We hit it off pretty well. He was hired and moved to town. He loves hunting, and has invited me to go hunting on some family property with him between Sherman and Wichita Falls. And he was there to see my son's Baptism.

Mr Fixit

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