Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just a note to readers that I have added to the list of worthy reads on the side column. As always, I have done this more for me, than for you, although you are more than welcome to take advantage of it. For me it's a matter of convenience. I check my blog everyday at least, sometimes more than once. This way, every link I want to visit is here. I guess you can call that an endorsement.

First up is Cowtown Cop. I like most cops, there's only been a couple that were jerks. This one seems to be a fine fellow, and has good references. Plus, he's local to me, at least in the world of the Internet he's local.

Next is To Old to Work, To young to Retire. As his side bar says "Paramedicine, politics, guns, and a little Country Western music". Man, that's most of the stuff I'm into.

Last for this round, and most certainly not least is Brigid, from Home on the Range. She has quite the command of the written language. Food and guns, folks she's a keeper.

I hope all my readers will enjoy them all as much as I do.

Mr Fixit


Brigid said...

Well thank you. some sourdough pancakes or some ammo reloaded will be crafted in your honor in the morning.


TOTWTYTR said...

Unlike Brigid, I can neither cook pancakes nor reload. I will extend my thanks, though.

Too little country music, so I'm going to have to work on that.