Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today at the Library = Fail

Took back some overdue books today to the library. The kids were with me, and we picked out some books for them. I had the great idea to get some for me too.

Would you believe they had none of the following:

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, by Philip Dick

Eaters of the Dead, by Michael Crichton

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,
Methuselah's Children, by Robert Heinlein

Anything in The Corps series, by W.E.B. Griffin

Since I had gone with those in mind, and I felt that at least one of them would be there, I didn't have more alternatives in mind.
I walked around looking at books like a caveman looking at a nuclear reactor- lots of staring.

In the end, I picked up another Wheel of Time edition. Not what I wanted, nor what I had in mind. But it will do.

Mr Fixit


Shakespere said...

Hi. I enjoyed your blog. It was fun to read.

BCFD36 said...

I've lost all respect for you. You should OWN a copy of the Heinlen and the Phillip K. Dick.

1400 Wildland fires in the state and counting.


Rabbit said...

I'll be glad to lend you my copy of TMIAHM. Got a copy of Stanger in a Strange Land if you wish, also.



armed_and_christian said...

When I can't find a book I'm looking for, I usually wander over to the kids' section and ask the librarian over there if they have a copy of Curious George and the Barbed Wire Fence or Curious George and the Electric Cattle-Prod that I can borrow for my daughter.

Librarians, being the breed that they are, seldom catch on, and spend some time actually searching for these books for me. I even had one fill out a "request to buy" form so that they could purchase and have copies of these books for all the children to enjoy.