Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I had meant to post some yesterday, but I got busy. I want to post more today, but I am dead tired.

But before I take a break, let me offer a bit of a warning; Beware of powdered sugar.

Oh, it looks innocent just sitting there in that clear glass canister. That fine powdery consistency. It looks so much like it's friend "flour" (who by the way is sitting in the identical canister behind it) that you can be fooled. But believe me when I say:

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much salt and pepper you add, no matter that the ratio of bacon grease is correct and the milk is fresh,
You can not make gravy with powdered sugar!

Trust me on this. I've seen it attempted twice now in as many weeks.

Oh, and C-shift, you need to mark your canisters.
just sayin'

Mr Fixit


Brigid said...

Oh no. . but I've added cornstarch instead of sugar. . It happens.

Muster on.

Detail Medic said...