Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm leaving

First, sorry for the lack of activity. I've been really busy.

My wife left this weekend. She's back, so I'm leaving today.

NO! Not like that.

She went with my mother and several of the Ladies in the family for their once a year ladies trip. They go somewhere within a days drive, stay in a bed-n-breakfast, and antique shop all weekend. She had a great time and now is back home. Of course she had to work this week ''cause one of the girls in the Dr's office is out having a baby.

Which brings us to me. I am on vacation this week. So I'm taking the boys and the travel trailer to the Texas Hill Country. We'll be staying in a State Park on the river. Fishing, hiking, and of course swimming in the cool waters of the Hill Country.

Life is good.

See you in a next week.

Mr Fixit

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