Thursday, July 24, 2008

Frustrating the Dr.

It seems to be the thing to do with the kids this summer.

Both boys had appointments for check ups with the pediatrician last week. Different rooms, 'cause the 12 year old needs his privacy.

The Dr. comes into the room with the 9 year old and starts asking questions, "how do you feel, anything hurt, what do you do" those kind of general things. At the end of the exam, the Doc starts to give him the standard AAP guides about eating vegetables, and wearing a bicycle helmet.

The fun part came next. And keep in mind that the conversation is 100% between the Dr, and my nine year old son. No parental words at all:

Doc: And remember, you shouldn't have guns in your house...
Son: But my dad has lots of guns.
Doc: Well, you need to make sure your dad has them put up where you can't get to them.
Son: What about my BB gun? I get it all the time.
Doc: Well, uh, but make sure that you only us it when adults are with you right?
Son: No, I go out in the back and shoot by myself all the time.
Doc: (getting flustered) Well, ok, but you know your not supposed to shoot any thing that is
alive don't you?
Son: No! I shoot birds and snakes and bugs alot!
Doc: (very flustered) Uh, well.....that's between you and your parents.

Yes is it between he and his parents, just like it is between all kids and their parents. The only kids Doctors should be telling what to do with guns are their own kids, same goes for motorcycles, ATVs, and everything else.

Way to go son!

Mr Fixit

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Earl said...

At the beginning of the appointment with a new doctor, the nurse asked my wife if there were any guns in the house.

My Lovely Bride replied "Yes, and I have one in my purse."

Tell your son congrats for us!