Monday, June 30, 2008

What a weekend

You know how I've been, well, kind of complaining about how slow it is at my station? Well guess what...
After mowing for 2 whole days, and then walking around for 8 hours on Friday with a weed eater in my hands, I was looking forward to going to the station Saturday and resting. Saturday is usually a day with no training, no meetings, and lots of resting. I wanted that. I needed that.

So of course Saturday was influenced by Mr Murphy, who hates me personally.

First, we had to do yard work, then clean the kitchen. After lunch, just as it was getting nice and hot, we get dispatched to a house fire. This was not what I needed. To make it worse for me personally, (remember Murphy) we were sent in on an attack line.

Climbing over the fallen debris, and through the clutter in boots that are a size too big turned the "hot spot" on my foot into a blister the size of half-dollar. My new bunker gear (which I was forced to get) is teh sux. Hot water an insulation down the collar, heat and steam up the back.

But at least when we took a break we didn't have to sit in the sun. Oh wait!! We did have to sit in the sun, on cement no less. Did I mention the breeze? No? Well that's 'cause there wasn't one.
One-hundred degrees outside, in the sun, with no breeze to cool down from a house fire. NICE!

The good thing was we did save a dog that had been inside.

Sunday was nice, and special. Sunday morning in church, my middle son was Baptized. What made it very special was that I was allowed to do the Baptism.

I don't talk very much about my religion, I figure if you want to know you'll ask. I will say that this blog may not give a fair and accurate description of me and my beliefs, at least in the context of religion. I am not here to cram it down your throat. But for those interested, this was a very special and important day to him and us. He was ready, he knew what it meant, and what it was for.

And, we had a new friend watching. A Trunk Monkey. I'll explain that in another post.

Mr Fixit


TOTWTYTR said...

So much for being in a quiet station. At least you weren't bored. You were hot, wet, tired, sore, but not bored.

Congratulations on your son's baptism. That's the kind of thing that makes it all worth while.

Billy Sparks said...

I still say a house fire in the summer is better than the dead of winter. At least you can sprawl on the yard or concrete without worry of freezing to it.