Friday, June 27, 2008


The Heller decision was just the start. The NRA has already begun filing suits in several cities. I expect the PSH to reach epic proportions by late today.
I received my email from the Brady campaign (know your enemy) asking for money to help fight "Judicial Activism".

Does anyone else feel like perhaps, just perhaps, the battle has turned?

Ah, I'm off to finish mowing.

Mr Fixit


Larry said...

It's a good start. The anti-gunners started small with "reasonable restrictions" so we can start the same way with the "what's a reasonable restriction on a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT" approach.

Brigid said...

Turned but not enough to let our guard down.

TOTWTYTR said...

The fight has begun in earnest. Now the gun grabbers will try to pass more laws, each of which will need to be challenged at cost in time and money.

Remember, it's not about crime or guns. It's about making people helpless dependents of the state.