Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Times

It's hard to be happy and energetic, when you have to spend your days surrounded by problems and bad situations you can't fix.

I'm down a bit. Maybe that's the reason my muse has taken a vacation. I don't blame her a bit, kinda stinks around here right now.

Now, all in all, things aren't that bad for me. I have a job, a home, a wonderful family. So things could be a lot worse. It's just that all the little things seem to be adding up.
We ran into problems with the bathroom remodel, so that's not fixed yet. We've decided we won't be able to sell our house anytime soon (read years), so a nicer place and maybe some land are out of the picture. The job that my wife wanted, and took a nice pay cut to take, she complains about now. There is a rumor, only a rumor at this point, that the city I work for is considering lay-offs of employees including firemen. I am above the "cut off" and won't be layed
off, but if they reduce ranks, I stand a good chance of being demoted. I was the last lieutenant made.

Of course the cost of everything is going up. And to top it all off, our washing machine broke. Waiting to hear if it will be cheaper to fix it, or replace it.

I've been spending a majority of my time trying to fix problems, and not having fun. I have yet to finish my Sistema, or a number of other 'fun' projects I want to do.

And of course I get to go to the fire station and do.....nothing. Aside from training and study, I sit at the station. I don't respond to calls, my apparatus is the least busy piece in the city.

I just have the blahs I guess.

But then I look around and see the floods up north. Or I read about how much Crystal has overcome, and I feel silly for feeling sorry for myself.

I guess it's time to cowboy up.


Billy Sparks said...

Know the feeling. But look on the bright was around here a minute ago...dang it, let me get back to you on that.

TOTWTYTR said...

Hang in there Mr. Fixit. All of these things are cyclic, including your time in durance vile at work. Eventually, they'll forget why they are pissed off at you and then that they are and you'll be able to move somewhere busier. In the mean time, put you extra down time to good use.