Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whoa there Kemosabe

Chris in SE Texas, and those who emailed me;

This blog is not a secret. I'm not hiding anything from my wife. If she asks I'll tell her. If she looks on my desktop she'll see the icon. If she searches, she can find it easily.

I'm just not volunteering anything. That's different, right?

My wife and I are completely different, and still much the same. We are both smart, loving, dedicated, sure of ourselves (even when we are dead wrong) and trustworthy. We are both good people.

We don't do any of the same things though. You all know that I'm into guns and building stuff. My wife doesn't like guns very much. She has been very fortunate to grow up in safe places, and hasn't seen anything that would change her mind. Hunting is "OK", kind of like a '73 Pinto is "OK" for a car. And as far as building stuff, she's more of an idea person. She likes to tear stuff down, but the building she leaves for me.

She's a nurse, I'm a paramedic. Like all nurses, she knows that paramedics are only highly trained monkeys. As a paramedic I know that nurses are only paramedics that have learned to change a bed-pan. We both know we're right.

She likes the long term care she gives. I like making interventions and sending them down the road. I don't want to hang around the patient very long. She does. She wants to tell me all about the history of the patient, and how their progress is since the last time she saw them. I like to do my thing and forget about that patient.

So, we don't talk about work to much. She hardly ever comes to the fire station to visit, and when she does she stays in the car and I go outside. She doesn't seem interested in the guys I work with, or really what we do. I have to say that she did get a bit interested when Cindy (our first female firefighter) was assigned to my station, and I her FTO.

Her hobbies include scrap booking, cooking desserts, and crafts.

I like guns, knives, weapons, hunting and fishing. I like to cook meats and Cajun food.

We don't talk about hobbies.

She turns on the TV as soon as she walks in, whether she watches it or not. I can go for weeks without turning on or watching a TV.

I read books. She watches soap operas.

Her Internet browser opens to CNN. Mine opens to Outdoors Unlimited.

I blog. She reads email forwards from her friends and family.

So see, it's just not something that would come up in conversation.

The other reason I don't make a point to tell her about the blog is this; My in-laws have friends that have family that are on my full time department. They are all around. As soon as my wife finds out and tells a sister, who tells her husband, who tells his friend, who tells his wife, who tells her uncle, he'll tell the whole department.

Now, to reiterate: I'm not hiding anything. So close those blinds, go out the back door and leave me alone. And if anybody asks, I wasn't here.

Mr Fixit


Larry said...

I don't hide my blog from my wife, either, but she doesn't read it. She thinks it's kinda silly.
She's only seen it twice, when I left it open on the computer. One time I didn't mean to, and one time I did.

Chris in SE TX said...

Got ya! Not hiding.

I do have a question though:

I can see how this blog would not come up in a conversation. What I can't see, IS a conversation!! :)

After your description of how different you and your wife are, what do y'all talk about?????? (besides, of course, Cindy, the female firefighter)

... and, BTW, I definitely agree that you don't want your in-laws telling their friends etc, etc, about your blog.