Friday, May 30, 2008

Takin' a break

A short one anyway.

Sorry for the three of you folks who read this blog regularly. My output of late has been lacking. I've been really busy with house repairs and mowing, and haven't had a chance to do much here.
For about a week more, that won't change.

School is out today, the kids are finished for summer. We, the family and I, are going camping for several days. This is the only "big" trip we'll be able to take this summer, due to one of my wife's co-workers having a baby in the next couple weeks. My wife won't be able to get off work to go out of town on anything like a family vacation, so camping it is. It won't be too bad, we have a travel trailer to sleep in. Nothing like roughing it in comfort!

We're taking the boys and going to a state park. Looking forward to the hiking, swimming and fishing.

In a couple of weeks I will be going to San Antonio Texas for a School Board Convention. What, didn't I tell you I was on the school board? No? Well, I am. My wife will be going with me this time, without the kids. I'll be in class all day, she will study for her college classes. At night, we will get out and see a few sights, or at least eat something.

Anybody else going to the TASB convention?

I'm not at all shutting the blog down. I'll be back next week for about a week, then off to San Antonio the next weekend. After that, I'm stuck here all summer.

Check back in with me. I'll be here.

Mr Fixit


RevMedic said...

The other two guys (or gals) and I will be waiting. Enjoy your family.

farmist said...

I truly suspect there are more than 3 of us - all waiting patiently.

BobG said...

Have a good trip, we'll be here.