Monday, May 12, 2008

She said what?

The busy season is here I guess. Today is "take the kids to the dentist day". Just the usual check up and cleaning, no problems thank goodness. The hard part is the appointments are in the middle to late morning, in another little town that is not the one I live in. So, I figure I'll be back home and have the kids in school after lunch, just in time for me to turn around and pick them up at the end of the day. Kind of puts a kink in the plans I had to get anything done around the house.

Maybe we'll just goof off and have a fun day after the visit.

In other news;

I am having a really tough time at the fire station. Boredom is killing me. I complained as much to my wife yesterday. She asked if I had anything to read and I told her that I had some but I had read them just months before. Then she said "Well, why don't you try writing something then?"
"Uh, 'cause nobody would read it"(other than my semi-literate and incoherent scribblings here I didn't say).

She thought I should try to write something, just to see if anybody would read it. "It might keep you busy." she said.

I didn't have the nerve to tell her I was already doing that.

Mr Fixit

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Chris in SE TX said...

Hmm, so you're keeping this blog secret from your wife? Interesting, considering that you don't really write much about her....

You may want to print out one of the cool stories and let her read it (without telling her you have a blog) and see what she thinks.

or not.