Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting. It is very busy here around Casa de Fixit.

I have mentioned here before that my oldest son is taking his EMT classes. He has really been excited, having been on the volunteer fire department and making a few calls. He has told me all about it, every time something happens. He has called after each of his ride outs with the ambulance crews to tell me all about the calls he made.

I don't want him (or you folks) to think that I am uninterested. But let me try to put this into perspective for you. You know how it is when you have your fist child, and everything they do is a wonder and a miracle? Remember how excited you were when they roll over the first time? Or sit up? Do you remember what it's like after you've had 3 kids? Now do you remember how it is when someone else has kids and wants to tell you all the exciting things their kids have done, like sit up and roll over, and your kids are in their late teens?

Anyway, up to now it has been all excitement and not much threat to life. He has told me about the drunk, the diabetic, the drama queen. He has run on the smoker with difficulty breathing, and the teen aged suicide attempt with Tylenol. I've seen all of them, many times. He was excited about seeing them for the first time.

But yesterday he called me with news of a call he had made that made me hurt. I hurt because I have made the same call. I hurt, because I could feel his hurt after making it.

The crew he was riding with responded to an infant not breathing. The child had been sent home with an apnea monitor, and a cardiac monitor. That night, the family had left both monitors off. They had put the baby to bed on it's stomach at midnight. The next morning, the child was dead. The assessment was fast, they found dependent levidity.

My son was upset, frustrated, but wasn't sure at who or what. I can't help him with that, I've never figured out who to be angry with either. I think he knows now that it's not all fun and "saving lives" in this job. Sometimes it's just sad.

I hope he stays with it. I hope he finds out that the few times when we can make a difference really make the rest of the times bearable.

Mr Fixit

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