Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yet more projects

I still have gun projects to work on, with more to start.  However, I have started another "house" project at the request/direction of my wife.  We weren't happy with our bathroom flooring....
  One thing led to another, and in order to get to the flooring, I am replacing our shower.

Now if your asking why I have to replace the shower in order to fix the flooring, obviously you're not married.  Either that, or your wife doesn't watch those do-it-yourself TV shows.  Or maybe your just smarter than me, cause I kinda volunteered for this.

What we have now is a shower inset, a fiberglass shower stall standing in the corner.  It looks ok, but that's not the point.  No, a new tiled shower stall would look much better with the new tile flooring. (See how that happens?)
And of course it's not as easy as take one out, and then tile, Oh no no no!  I have to build a shower pan cause, wouldn't ya know, our shower is an odd size between the walls.

So, tomorrow I will finish the tile in the laundry room, and tear out the shower.  Hopefully, I can start the pan.  I hope to have it done by the end of the week.(but I ain't holding my breath).

Wish me luck.

Mr Fixit

PS- I am still accepting advice on it.  Let it flow.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Is it possible to tile over the existing insert, without removing it?

There are "refinishers" that will come in and spray it all -- looks new, new color, less hassles/expense compared to "rip and replace"

you mention odd size -- would a coupla layers of sheet-rock solve it?



Dedicated_Dad said...

here's an example I found after a google search for "bathtub shower refinishing"


Chris in SE TX said...

My advice is to remove the DIY channel from the preset channels. If she KNOWS the channel number, then you're screwed....

Oh, you meant shower stall advice? I got nothing....

calvin ray and bubba said...

run, run away as fast as you can.