Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Takin' a break

I've got to a stopping point, and so I am. For now.

My wife reminded me that this afternoon is the Great Wolf Den Cub Scout Fishing Expedition. My wife is the den mother of my youngest sons Cub Scout den.

I have to admit, when she first reminded me I was not happy. I have sooooo much to do, and I am behind. But the more I got to thinking about it, I'm excited now. We should have between 5 and 12 eight year olds, depending on who shows up. Many of them won't have dads, most wont have equipment. So, I'm leaving now to go get things together, buy some cane poles and lots of worms. Just looking over in the corner of the garage I can see enough poles to equip most of them.

We're looking at light poles and light line. The tank (that's a stock pond) should still have some catfish in it, and I know it has bream. We are after the bream. It should be fun to watch the kids, I bet most of them haven't been fishing before.

I'll be too busy, but maybe my wife can take pics.

On a slightly different note; Here is my new favorite song:


Red said...

This song is awesome, I love it! Too bad I'm stuck in the city....

I quite enjoy your blog, btw, the dumpster body story was hilarious!

Mr. Fixit said...

Well, thanks Red. I guess we all look at things differently, the dumpster story was not meant to be funny. It quite truly scared me silly. You would have to see the area it's in, it really is lonely spot.

Thanks for the compliments.

Mr Fixit

Larry said...

Good song!