Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Lawnmower of Truth

Does everybody here know about The Box of Truth? If not, go check it out. If you don't want to,, then know that it is a website that goes to some length to "test" ballistics and such. I wouldn't call them scientific test, with hard controls, and strict scientific method. They are however very real world. As in "I wonder what would happen if I shot my .223 into water", or "will a 12 gauge slug penetrate 7 phone books.

Anyway, along those lines, I intend to do a test with the "Lawnmower of truth".

Here's the deal; I guess everybody wonders what is the bestest, tippy topest, most goodest firearm finish. I think we can all agree that bluing ain't it. Looks good, don't protect. So, what is? Moly/teflon bake on? Ceramic coating? Stove paint? Duracoat? The list goes on.

What I have on hand is some Norells Moly resin, a can of Duplicolor 500* ceramic paint, and just your regular old stove paint- black.

What I plan on doing is "painting" each one (per the instructions) onto some mower blades, then mowing, then looking at them to see what they look like, and which one (if any) last best.

This is absolutely not scientific. It will prove nothing, except which (if any) last better on mower blades. Why do this then? 'Cause I want to. I have been mowing off duty for a few years. I mow, and have been mowing, cemeteries. I usually mow for 8-12 hours per day, actual mow time meaning the blades are turning 8-12 hours continuously. I have wanted to find a blade that will last longer. That's what got me thinking about it.

Also, I have "built" several firearms such as FAL/L1A1's, AK's, and AR's, and even a 1911. Every time I have wondered what finish would be the best. I have actually used all three of the test materials as firearm finishes at some point. Why not combine both questions.

So here's what I'm going to do; Take new blades, paint them, use them, see what happens.

In case you didn't guess, I'm off duty, it's raining, and I am bored.

Mr Fixit


farmist said...

Great idea! I'd suggest also adding one non-gun finish - Slip-Plate. It's a paint-on graphite, I use it on the underside of my mower decks but never thought of trying it on the blades, too.

Mark said...

Bored firefighters shouldn't be allowed to blog :) I"d like to see which one is better actually.