Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm asking for advice

I am 'thinking' about a pocket pistol.  Something along the lines of a Kel-Tec .380, or NAA Gaurdian.  Maybe even a small revolver, I'm open.

I am thinking of something I can slip my jeans pocket without hurting myself with sharp edges.  Something for those times when a tucked in shirt is all I have, no cover garment.  I know about those tuckable holsters for larger autos, I have one.   I want something smaller yet.

So, advice?  Anybody in the same situation?  What do you use?

Mr Fixit


Joe Allen said...

The KelTec and the NAA are both pretty highly regarded - the KelTec sometimes needs a little tweaking for reliability.

Of course, you've heard about the new Ruger LCP and of course Kahr has a new similarly sized .380 coming soon.

Slightly bigger but still quite pocketable is my personal favorite; the Colt Government .380 or slightly smaller Mustang. A 1911 in you pocket! How does it get any better than that?

Whatever you end up with, be sure and use a pocket holster.


Billy Sparks said...

I went with the KelTec. Recently I added Crimson Trace laser module to it. I have carried the KelTec for several years and have never felt undergunned....well not that much.

Rabbit said...

I was in an informal social situation awhile back, amongst friends, and found out that 3 of the 5 of us had P3AT's at the moment, of which 2 had lasers. I'm told they need a little fluffing, but are felt to be reliable.

Me? My .380 is an HsC. Hideous trigger pull, but it doesn't grab your web like a PPK. I haven't carried it in years. I'd like to look at a LCP, however.


Strings said...

in the "something in my pocket everywhere" category, I have the Seecamp 32. Not really good too far beyond contact distance, but it suffices. Practice would help, but I have yet to see a pocket pistol that is comfortable to shoot...

I have a Mustang: you have to carry it chamber empty, because the safety is NOT the firmest on the market. I've had the safety disengage in my jacket pocket (I'd imagine that a pants pocket would be worse)...

Dedicated_Dad said...

I love my mouseguns -- P3AT and Seecamp .32. For some reason I usually carry the seecamp although the P3AT has always been reliable out of the box.

I think KelTec's gotten better about their quality control -- you don't hear the CURRENT stories you used to hear. In any case, their customer service ROCKS. I've never heard of one that wasn't perfect after a trip back.

Personally, if I could find it, I'd get the Seecamp .380 and stick to it, although I have the lust for one of the new Rugers.



Roberta X said...

I have a Colt Pony Pocketlite: DOA, no safety. I like it a lot, but some kind of trigger-overing holster is mandatory for me -- I'm a bit klutzy sometimes.

A plus is that it's nicer to shoot than a Kel-Tec. A minus is, have you priced these recently? Ouch.

Sevesteen said...

I've got a Keltec P3AT, I usually use a S&W Airweight--Partly because my wife took the Keltec as hers, partly because I think a .38+p is more likely to be effective.

The J frame is considerably larger, but carries "small" for its size. You can usually tell there is something in your pocket, but it isn't a "gun shaped" lump.