Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I was scared

Yesterday I went to pick up oil from the restaurant to make bio diesel. The oil tank I built for them is in the back, out of sight, near the dumpsters. It's kind of a scary place actually. You can't see the road, it's behind the buildings, and the rear of the property goes into farmland and pasture for cattle. You can stand back there and not see another person. I've been there when people pull around to throw there trash in the dumpsters illegally. I've often thought that this would be a good place to dump a body.

After I had set up the pump and started moving oil, I began to look in the dumpsters. For one reason I needed to open one so I could dump the filtered waste from the oil tank. For another reason, you never know what you might find.

As I opened the side of the first dumpster, I glanced inside and my heart stopped. There in the bottom of the dumpster, twisted and pale was a nude body, and a severed head.

I jumped back, looked around and felt my heart beating out the top of my head. I moved back to the dumpster, only because I had to pass it to get to my phone in my truck. I looked inside again, and realized the body belonged to the clothing store next door who shared the dumpster. It was the body of a mannequin. Yes a mannequin, like they put dresses on in the store.

I felt the adrenaline fade and I couldn't help but start to laugh at the shakes I was having. It was then I realized I was holding my pistol. I don't remember reaching for it, I don't remember pulling it out. But there it was in my hand.

I very carefully holstered my weapon, and turned off the pump, and sat in the truck for a minute or six.

Looking back it's kinda funny. By the way, I decided not to look in the other dumpsters.

Mr Fixit


Tolewyn said...

Ever looked out your kitchen window at night and been scared witless by your reflection? Been there with ya man. Deep breaths are the only cure for adrenaline.

Quick draw aside, sounds like you had a completely natural freak out. heh heh


Billy Sparks said...

Sort of like me trying to rescue the stuffed gorilla in a house fire....okay I didn't draw down on it but still I thought I had found somebody