Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun show this weekend

Unless I read the calender wrong, there will be a gun show at the Dallas Market Hall this weekend. I have a desire, nay a need, for a pocket pistol. I have enjoyed the responses to my blog post in that regard.

I also find myself in ownership of of Glock 19 that seems to be relegated to "why?" status. What I mean is I don't carry it, and truth be told it feels big in my hand. I carry a Glock 26, and shoot it well. I can't explain why but the 26 feels fine, the 19 feels like a brick. It's a dead solid reliable brick, but a brick none the less.

As I said, I need a pocket pistol. There have been a few times when the dress code (often enforced by my wife) has forced me to choose to go without a handgun. Dress casual dinner, with starched Wranglers and a nice button-down, doesn't leave a place for a concealed handgun. At least not a Glock 26 in an IWB holster. For those few times when I can't or don't wear a shirt untucked, or have a light jacket as cover, (and I promise you those times are very few) I need something I can slip into a pocket and be relatively unnoticed.

So, this weekend the need, mode, and the opportunity all exist at the same time. I think the G19 will become trade fodder. I still don't know which pistol I want. I will have to fondle and pocket some to see what works for me.

If any of you folks get out to Market Hall, I plan on being there Saturday. Look for me and say hi, I'll be the guy in jeans and a cammo hat.

Mr Fixit


Mikael said...

Maybe I should try some more glocks then... I tried a glock 21 and didn't like it much. I didn't like the trigger, and I actually didn't like how light it was.

I shot better with the beretta 92FS I tried, and liked it a whole lot better.

I was recently in thailand and that's where I tried those out, beretta first. First pistols I've shot, not counting pellet guns and bb guns(many years ago).

I've been wanting to join the local pistol shooting club, but there's a required newbie course that's only once a year during the fall/winter, starting in september, meh.

I'd probably like a 1911 better than that glock 21 if I wanted a .45, I liked the weight and old-fashion trigger of the beretta.

Mikael said...

PS: Liked the berettas sights better as well.

Matt G said...

Dad's going on Sunday. I have a paper to write, and won't be attending.

Too bad you didn't get in on the big sale on 642 Centennials, a month or two ago.