Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And tell me something

Am I the only one who reads multiple books at the same time? Come on, I don't mean all open side by side reading. I mean like one for a while, then another.
My wife had gotten over what I do, but a friend found out about it and thought I was crazy.
I am reading a Robert Jordan, mostly at work in my free time, a WEB Griffin at home, and re-reading Monster Hunter International for fun.

Is that weird?


Joe Allen said...

At the very least I usually have a "car" book and a "house" book. The one in the car gets read from when I'm out and about and stop for lunch.

The house book is the bedside book that I read from until I fall asleed at night.

Not strange at all.


BobG said...

I usually read two or three at a time; some fiction and some non-fiction for my mood at the time.

RevMedic said...

Oh yeah, you're not alone. I used to have e books going all the time. Now I'm so geeked out I'm lucky to have one.

firefighter girl said...

not weird. . .i've got 4 going right now, actually.