Sunday, April 13, 2008

And how was the weekend?

How was your weekend? Me, I went to the gun show and did my part to stimulate the economy, without the rebate of course.

Yes, I got a new gun. (Yea me!!) And yes, I did fondle a bunch of them before buying. And yes Roberta, I did look long and hard at those Mustangs despite the price.
Just for the record, I looked (read touched, held, pocketed) at all of the following:

S&W revolvers- .38's and .357's in everything from blued steel to stainless steel, with several of the ultra light weight titanium/scandinavian/unobtainium frames.

Taurus revolvers in many of the same formats as the S&W's.

Auto Pistols:
Kahr, NAA, FEG, Pheniox, Cobra, Kel-Tec, Ruger, AMT, Bersa, Colt, as well as Makarovs, PA63 and 64's, Walther in both the PPK and PPK/S version.

I'm curious if anyone might guess what I bought. It's exactly what I needed, not as much what I expected. I'll tell tomorrow.

Mr Fixit

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Strings said...

I'm betting either sub-compact Glock or Seecamp...