Monday, March 17, 2008

The worst part

Seeing this over at Strings place reminded me of a story.

Our engine and ambulance were sent to an address for an animal attack. En route we were told by dispatch that this was a child that had been mauled by a dog. I honestly don't remember if it was a Pit Bull, or a Rottweiler, but I know it was one of them.

We arrived to find the "child" was a 17 year old, and that he had been severely bitten on his face and shoulder, as well as his arm and hands.

As we started to get the entire story, it turned out that the boy had been going to the dog and tying it up to have sex with it. This time the dog got loose, and did what damage he could. As the ambulance crew is leaving with the patient, his father said to the engine driver:

"You know the worst part is that that's not even his dog."

The driver couldn't stop himself from saying "Shit! I don't think that's the worst part."

Dad just shook his head and walked to the car to go to the hospital.

True story.

Mr Fixit


BobG said...

Sounds to me like the dog was acting in self-defense. If I was the dog's owner, I would be pressing charges against the perv for it.

RevMedic said...

And the kids nowdays say there's nothing to do...