Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thinking about moving on...

No, not the blog. Your stuck with me here.

No, I'm talking about moving to another home. My wife and I have been thinking about it for quite a while actually. It's just that now we are finally at a point financially that it seems possible. The problem is "where?".

We've talked about it, and buying a house, or building a house, all sorts of various options to do. So, my wife suggested we sit down and each make a list of what we want in terms of "what type of house" or "land? how much? " "Style of house" "location" "Size of house" "Size of rooms". You guys get the idea. She wanted to make separate list and then look at them and see where we agreed, and make those things top priorities.

I don't think it's going to turn out the way she expected.

She has shared part of her list with me, partially (I think) to help me pick the same options. Lets see, so far she wants:

A big yard for the kids
at least 3 bedrooms
"Texas" style house- kind of a mix of southwest/cowboy/and ranch styles
master bath with large tub and separate shower
Large kitchen, lots of cabinets
Mix of wood floors and tile with carpet in the bedrooms

and her list goes on like that, those are the ones she has shared so far. She said she has lots more.
*roll eyes*

My list, on the other hand, looks a bit different. Let me share with you my list, and please tell me if I am out of bounds here:

enough land, situated in an area so that I can have a shooting range, minimum 100 yards.
workshop separate from house, at least 30'x40'.
parking area large enough for all our cars, plus trailers, plus boat, not to block shooting range.
I don't really want to be close to neighbors homes. Within sight is considered "OK"
A house that I don't have to work on or remodel

Obviously, we have different priorities.

Truth be told, we can't afford most of what either of us want. But I hope you can see how hard it is to find what we want, when we are both looking for different things. Yes the two can be found together (I hope!), but not as often as either list can be found apart.

Having said all that, I would like to live in a subdivision full of hunters and shooters. A subdivision that has its' own rifle and pistol range would be cool. Anybody know where one is?

Mr Fixit

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Larry said...

"A house that I don't have to work on or remodel"
Good luck with that.