Friday, March 7, 2008

Street Cred' part II

A new guy at a fire station is looked at as an unproven entity. It is especially true of rookies, and lesser so of guys that have been in the department a while. But when I made officer, I was transferred to a station and shift I had never worked at. I knew the guys in the sense that I would probably recognize them on the street off duty, but that was all.

So I showed up with only my reputation to stand on. And it wasn't much of a reputation really. Everyone knew I was outspoken, many knew I was into guns, some knew that I had a pretty dry sense of humor, and only a few knew where I had been and what I had done. I knew that almost all of "my guys" were cautiously watching me to see how I would be. I knew that, and it was fine.

One night, the entire station was dispatched on a motor vehicle accident with a trapped person. A kid in a pickup had been going to fast and lost control in a curve. He ended up upside down in a ditch, with the cab crushed down so that he was trapped in the seat, unable to open the doors or climb out a window. We couldn't even tell if he was hurt, all we knew was he was inside.

His radio was blasting so loud we couldn't even talk without yelling. The truck crew was trying to spread the roof open, but the whole auto was rocking. The officer was trying to be safety officer and incident command, and rescue officer all at the same time. I ordered one of my firemen to get a hose line and stand ready. My other firemen I sent to get air bags and cribbing. With just a little bit of help from me, we were able to crib up the hood of the truck, and set air bags under the bed of the truck to lift and stabilize with more cribbing. another fireman had the cutters, and I help guide him cutting the roof out from under the truck.

The driver was then able to crawl out under his own power, as his radio blasted Nickelback's "Rockstar".

I really didn't think much of the whole incident, but I found out later that my guys were impressed with me. Heh

Now I have a little street cred with 'em, and it's about time to leave for yet another station.

Mr Fixit

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Anonymous said...

I had just finished cutting a guy out of a car, and when they took him out, his foot hit the radio knob and Highway to Hell came blasting out. God has a wicked sense of humor.