Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Like Star Trek

The intrepid voyager Stanley has stepped onto the transporter pad, in this case a Cannon Scanner. Co-ordinates have been set, and the Red Shirt energizes.

Stanley has beamed to his destinations.

All except Larry's, who didn't give co-ordinates. You can't send a signal and expect a reply if you're cloaked.

Man, sometimes I slay me.

Mr Fixit


Larry said...

Oops...coordinates incoming.

Gerald said...

Pictures are headed your way via gmail. And Larry, there is a picture of Stanley eating Thai food (sort of).

Ambulance Driver said...

I've got pictures headed your way of Stanley trying on turnout gear in Baltimore, stuck to the windshield of an ambulance because he ignored the siren, held in the hands of a couple of hotties, posing with a true EMS pioneer who was one of R.A. Cowley's original EMTs at Maryland Shock Trauma, and the piece de resistance...

...Flat Stanley and Johnny Gage himself, hanging out at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Mr. Fixit said...

you are the coolest big blog-brother ever!