Monday, March 10, 2008

Considering an Appleseed

First, a link to a post over on the FAL Files. Link

I am thinking about going to this Appleseed event. Goodness knows I can always use practice with a rifle. And the place it's going to be at, Badlands Tactical, looks nice.

For those who don't know, these Appleseed events are designed to get folks shooting rifles. And not just shooting rifles, shooting "expert" with them. The idea is that a rifleman can take any rack grade military rifle and hit a man sized target out to 500 yards every time.

I am very seriously considering going, and taking my middle son. The event will be in Southwest Oklahoma, just over the line from Texas.
From the Badlands website:
BadLands is located in the heart of the "Big Pasture" of southwest Oklahoma in the small town of Grandfield. We are approximately 28 miles northwest of Wichita Falls, Texas, and 40 miles southwest of Lawton (Ft. Sill), Oklahoma.

Here is a link to the host groups website: Revolutionary War Veterans Association

Anybody else interested?

Mr Fixit


Rabbit said...

I'd be in for it, providing it's not too hot to breathe. I suppose I could bring out the Garand, the FAL, or even the K31, provided I find more time to spend getting comfortable with it. How many rounds do they request you bring? Something like 180 or so?


Mr. Fixit said...

I think they said 400 rounds per person.
I'll check.

Rabbit said...

Yeah, I went to the Appleseed site and saw that. I've got to get busy and find more 7.5x55 (saw a ton of it in a friend's shop last week) or load up a bunch of 7.62 or .30-06.

No problem. It'll be fun.