Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And life goes on

Thanks again for the comments and e-mails. No, I didn't get fired. But what I did was wrong.

Let me say that again. What I did was wrong. Wrong for a gentleman, perhaps even more wrong for an officer. I set a bad example for both those under me, and all those around me.

I was very upset, and rightfully so, about an untruth. I felt that I was justified in my anger. Perhaps, but not in my actions.

A man should stand for what is right, and even be willing to fight for it. However, he should pursue all other avenues of recourse available to him before moving straight on to the physical.

I will admit that it did feel good to stand on the edge of that precipice. And therein lies the danger.

I will try to remember this in the future.

Mr Fixit

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Strings said...

Remember bro: while it may be satisfying to call a person out for a transgression in front of Gawd & ever'body, it DOES draw attention.

Next time, just smile... and catch him outside his favorite bar on a saturdy night... >:)