Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Identity theft

It seems a credit card of mine had been compromised. It has been cancaled, but not before some charges were made. I have managed to get the IP address, and the Email address the charges were made from.

Any of you folks good at the interweb detective gig?

I'm looking for options of how to figure out who it is.

What say you?

Mr Fixit


Strings said...

I'm no good at the Interweb detective thing, but I'm VERY good at doing the follow-up kneecapping...

Kaerius said...

If you got the IP address(and time, in case it's one of those dynamic ones), then go into the command line in windows(start->run->cmd) and type tracert ipaddress*

*numbers, for example: tracert
That one shouldn't give you any hops btw because it's your own computer, those numbers are always your own computer. ;)

This should get you the name of the servers leading to him, and probably the name of his internet service provider.

Then you call his internet service provider, who will have his real name and address. They might not give it out so easily though...

But that's how you do it. The email is largely irrelevant if it's one of those free ones(like hotmail, yahoo, etc), but if it's one provided by his internet service provider, then you could've done basically the same thing as with the IP, call the ISP.

Todd said...

There are quite a few good tools you can use. Go here and input the IP address and see what comes up. You should provide this information to the police so they can contact the ISP. Perhaps you can get satisfaction.