Monday, February 4, 2008

Full Sistema ahead Vol.IIa

A quick word about parts I'm not using, or not replacing as the case may be.

First, I have decided not to replace the thumb safety. It has the "original" style small nub on it, and I have found I have no problem pushing it down as I prepare to fire the pistol. I don't see a need for an extended safety, at least for me. Nor do I feel the need for a safty lever on the opposite side, so no ambi safety.

Also, I'll be using the original slide release. It seems to be in good shape, the checkering is still nice. I can release the slide by pulling it back and letting go, just like always.

I am using the original guide rod, and recoil spring plug. I've read about them, but I don't really know why you would want to use a full length guide rod, or even what they are good for. Therefor, I didn't use one on mine.

I am not using an extended magazine release. Again, the original works for me. It's something I can't really wrap my mind around. You use an extended mag release to make it easier to push in. But, it's not long enough to for the holster to push it in. So, is it really longer enough to make a difference?

No mag well/chute. For me, the grip is already big enough, and bigger than my hand. Why add more length? I'm not going to be using it for IPSC or other armed track meets. The extra material would add weight and bulk to a possible carry pistol. As in concealed carry, which in Texas means not even a gun shaped bulge under your shirt.

No lasers, no lights. 'Nuff said.

It's not a part per say, but I'm not going to enlarge the ejection port. It ejected just fine as is, so, why make a bigger hole?

Mr Fixit

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