Friday, February 1, 2008

Full Sistema ahead- Vol. II (parts)

I'll tell you up front that all of the parts I have purchased have been from Brownells. There are a couple of reasons for that. Number one is that I have purchased from them before, and have been really happy. Second, they have had everything I have needed. One stop shopping cuts down on the shipping costs. Third is price, and that is not as important as some other factors. however, it has been a consideration. I am not trying to build a high-end custom one-of-a-kind heirloom quality cost more than a months pay pistol. Having said that, I see no reason to throw money away. Because of having a Type3 FFL, I get a discount at Brownells. I have looked at Midway, and have purchased from them before. However this time, on these products, the convenience and price advantage was weighted toward Brownells.

So, on to the parts I ordered, and why:

Storm Lake Barrel This is the barrel I ordered. It came with a pre-fit bushing, and link pin already installed. In my previous post I told you about fitting it. As usual, drop in parts don't.

slim grips As I said in part I, I have small hands. Part of my fix for this is a set of slim grips. These are actually the slimmest I could find at 3.7mm thick. They come with new slim bushings and screws.

Grip safety Honestly, I ordered this one wrong. I picked the Caspian because I know they make,or have made in the past parts for many of the big manufacturers. Also, I felt like I would need a "speed bump" on the safety, and I really didn't want to copy every other guy with a speed bump. I just don't like folks thinking I am only following along, and not doing it for a reason. This Caspian safety doesn't have the "square pad" at the bottom like most others ala Ed Brown. (not that there's anything wrong with it) Instead it has a radiused center section. it is the same as on the SIG 1911.

As for why I ordered it wrong; I ordered it it stainless instead of carbon steel. Also, I ordered the Wilson contour, instead of the simpler ED Brown .250 radius contour. I'll tell you more about that problem when I tell you about fitting it.

Pin set I figured what the hell. I don't know if the pin holes are "wallered out", or if the pins are in good shape. I ordered a new set, just 'cause.

This took some thinking. Again with the short hands/fingers, I went with a short trigger. I picked this one because of the smooth face, and the reputation of C&S.

recoil spring 16 1/2lb This was a real thinker. How heavy of a recoil spring should you use? I've heard all sorts of answers. I read a lot, thought a lot, and finally made a decision. I'm starting out with a pretty basic 1911, shooting a pretty basic load. Why fiddle with what the designer did? I went with the Wolff spring because, well, for one it was a Wolff spring. For another the Government Model was designed with a 16# spring. I'll just have to see how it goes.

C&S trigger pull kit Tactical match I spent more time on this than any other part. I was really torn between buying individual hammer sear and disconnecter, and a kit. In all honesty, I really wanted a true "Commander" hammer, and the only way to get one was as a single unit. On the other hand, I wasn't sure how good, or safe a trigger pull I could expect if I fit them all myself. It's not that I think I couldn't do it, I don't have the jigs and would have to do it by hand. A man has to know his limits.
I chose this particular kit based on the reputation of Cylinder and Slide, and the fact that they fit the kit on a series 70 frame to insure the kit will do what they say. It has a 4.5# trigger pull they say. That's "in the zone" of what I have read is correct for a fighting pistol.

mainspring housing This pistol is heavy. It's all steel. I thought I'd try to save a bit of weight if I could. Also, a flat MSH should make it easier to grip with the small hands.

Recoil spring plug There's nothing special about this part. It is the standard Government style. The one on the pistol was banged up, so I got a replacement.

Ed Brown match extractor Again, lots of choices and a hard decision. I ask you folks that are 1911 fans, why does each manufacturer make so many different versions of the same part? Ed Brown has 3 extractors in the Brownells catalog. Wilson Combat has 3 also. Why?
I called Brownells and talked to Tech Support. I told the man what I was doing, and asked why so many, and how to choose one. The answer I got was that this particular one doesn't seem to be returned, and he uses it on his guns.

Firing pin stop I got the EGW stop so I could give it the basic bevel that JMB originally designed. I saw this on Xavier's blog. I don't really know how much of a difference it makes, but I figure it can't be a bad thing.

So there you go, I think I covered all the parts. I've got some photos of me "fitting it up" together for upcoming posts.

Mr Fixit

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